ENOS / Operations

--Senergy Oilfield Solutions--

Responsible to help Field Engineers deliver high quality services to our clients. Operators are responsible for a safe and efficient wellsite operation by performing their duties under direction of the crew chief. He is directly responsible for the hand tools and the ready-box assigned to him, and cleaning all equipment post job. He is part of his operating cell and responsible for completeness and readiness of his cell by reporting to his crew chief.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Operate, under normal conditions, the winch unit for running in and out of the hole; "zero" tools and monitor tension meter, cable speed, depth and spooling of cable; understand depth control and weight indicator systems; use all winch cable safety controls.
  • Prepare well for service operations: align logging unit, install sheave wheel, thread cable, and connect multiple tools as required.
  • Learn to select, load and unload required tools and corresponding surface instrumentation for the job.
  • Participate in inspecting, maintaining and repairing primary tools, service units, cables and associated equipment according to the maintenance program.

Qualifications and Competencies

  • High school, Diploma or higher.
  • 4+ years in Wireline Logging Operations.
  • Heavy Driving License preferred.
  • Physical ability to immediately respond to emergency situations.
  • Willingness to work under varying conditions and in remote locations.
  • Ability to perform under time constraints.